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Apple's iPhone has surpassed Google's Android as the most popular smartphone in the United States

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic / Unsplash

For the first time since the iPhone's 2007 release, Apple has more users in the United States than Google does on mobile operating systems.

Although Apple has always done well in its home market and has a sizable share of the high-end smartphone market worldwide, Android has become the industry standard due to the greater diversity of its supported devices and pricing structures.

Android initially surpassed iOS in the earliest years of the modern smartphone in 2010, and Apple has never recovered.

The 'active installed base' of iPhones, however, has surpassed that of Android, according to new data from Counterpoint research.

Unlike quarterly shipments, which reflect more recent trends, this metric already shows that Apple is performing well and narrowing the gap.

This means that Apple has access to a much larger consumer base from which to sell its services, including video games. These subscriptions are a growing source of recurring service revenues and further bind customers to Apple's ecosystem at a time when the smartphone market is becoming saturated.

In addition to benefiting Apple financially, this opens the door for third-party app developers to provide enhanced functionality and user experience.

With the release of its newest flagship device, the iPhone 14, in the coming weeks, the company has a chance to further increase its lead.