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How to Use A VPN to Avoid Government Censorship

Canada’s recent enactment of C-18 (aka The Online News Act) has many wondering if the US will follow suit. C-18 stipulates that online companies must pay for displaying links to Canadian news sources. This means search engines, social media platforms, and other online services need to pay to provide users access to Canadian news sources.

The Act makes it extremely difficult for ex-pats and vacationers to access local online news sources outside of Canada. Facebook and Google have already made the decision to not carry Canadian news sources due to the high expense they’d incur to meet the strict regulations imposed by the bill.

US citizens have a right to worry. Congress has already considered imposing a nationwide ban on TikTok and recent elections have raised concern about ‘fake news’ sources. Limiting or preventing access to news on social media and other websites would constitute censorship of free speech and expression — something that goes against First Amendment rights.

So what can US citizens do if Canada’s C-18 Act snowballs into the paid regulation of online news and free speech platforms in the US? No worries, the right VPN can help you avoid government censorship and access all your favorite news and social media platforms anywhere.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is cybersecurity software that offers several online security and privacy benefits. The first of which is to allow you to choose any server on their network to create an encrypted internet connection that hides your true location. It may even come with features like an ad, malware, and tracker blocker to prevent malicious software from following your every move online, or a kill switch to prevent data leaks if you suddenly lose your internet connection.

A trustworthy VPN will have a strict No Logs policy — avoid any VPN that doesn’t. This means it won’t collect, store, or sell any of your online data. Many VPNs also offer free trials or risk-free money-back guarantees, to allow you to try their service without making a permanent commitment immediately.

Private Internet Access

  • Security: 256-bit AES encryption, SHA-256 authentication, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, kill switch, ad-blocker, malware-scanner
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  • Apps: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
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How VPNs Help You Avoid Censorship

When you connect to the internet via your ISP you receive an IP address based on the location of their server network. This IP address helps determine which websites and services you can use. It also lets your ISP, the government, and any third-party watchers track your online activity. Additionally, many sites and services are region specific, so if you don’t have an IP address for the area you wish to view content in you’re out of luck.

A VPN allows you to hide your true IP address and encrypts your traffic. Just pick a country you wish to view content in, connect to a server in that region, and enjoy uncensored access to news, videos, and more. An encrypted connection is vital to ensure that your data is secure and others can’t track your online activity.

This allows you to access online news sources, social media platforms, and your streaming accounts free of restriction or censorship anywhere you travel.

How to Use Private Internet Access to Avoid Censorship
Step 1: Download and install Private Internet Access on your device. Right now you can get PIA for $2.19/month + 2 months free. A total savings of 82%!
Step 2: Connect to a server in a country where your website or service is available.
Step 3: Access the website or service free of any censorship. That’s it!

Use the Internet Free of Censorship

Sure, the US government hasn’t enacted any over-the-top online censorship laws yet, but the Constitution can be revised (and the First Amendment is no exception). Plus, with other countries imposing bans on online content and platforms, It never hurts to be prepared. PIA VPN can help you use the internet without worrying about censorship and restrictions — now and in the future.