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One of Nvidia's largest GPU suppliers may be leaving the company

Nvidia seems to have received some major news that could have a major effect on the company's efforts to market and sell chips in the future.

GamersNexus reports that EVGA has cut ties with Nvidia and will no longer produce any graphics cards. This includes the RTX series. According to the article, "disrespectful treatment, among other things," led to the employee's dismissal.

Additionally, the report states that EVGA will "not be exploring relationships with AMD or Intel at this time" and will leave the video card market entirely. Since the company has already terminated its projects, there has been some confusion about how it plans to take care of its employees.

As an example, the production of about 20 EVT samples of EVGA RTX 4090 FTW3 cards was scrapped. The company has also canceled its KINGPIN cards.

It is speculated that the GeForce RTX 4090, along with the rest of the Lovelace 4000-series chips, will be showcased at Team Green's Nvidia GTC 2022, so this announcement couldn't come at a better time.

In addition to being a major manufacturer of Nvidia's graphics cards, EVGA also provides promotional sample chips.

This comes at a terrible time for Team Green, as the GTC 2022 competition is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 20. Given that the reported cause is the poor treatment of EVGA employees by Nvidia, the explanation is of utmost importance.

The full extent of the impact on the tech giant is yet to be seen, but it has the potential to cause significant changes in the sector. While EVGA has no plans to join forces with either AMD or Intel at the present time, that could change in the future.