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The NBA updated its mobile app for the TikTok generation

The 2022-23 NBA season is quickly approaching, and the NBA is getting a head start by revamping its iOS and Android app before opening night. The new version focuses heavily on vertical videos, which is appropriate for the era of social media we live in now.

It takes a page from TikTok's book by implementing a vertically scrolling For You feed that will showcase in-game highlights as they happen in real time. With the help of Microsoft Azure and Azure AI (Microsoft is the NBA's cloud and AI partner), the site will be tailored to each individual viewer and provide them with content that they are more likely to enjoy.

NBA League Pass and NBA TV, the league's paid services, have also been built into the mobile app. Members of NBA League Pass will be able to watch live, out-of-market games with improved video quality and reduced latency, according to the report. Subscribers can try out betting-focused streams, streams that focus on analytics, and streams that show the game from a different angle. Translations into Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean commentary feeds are also on the way.

In conjunction with the relaunch of the app, the NBA has temporarily reduced the cost of a League Pass subscription. Current pricing for the standard package is $15/month or $100/season and the premium package is $20/month or $130/season. NBA TV can be viewed as part of the package deal.

There will also be pregame and postgame press conferences, media days, team pregame shows for League Pass games, and a show centered around NBA culture and lifestyle available to stream on the app. Each week, there will be a show that features highlights and odds for the upcoming weekend's games. The app will also provide live streaming of international preseason games from places like Japan and Abu Dhabi.

Among the documentaries at your disposal is Gold Blooded, a seven-part series chronicling the 2022 NBA Finals and the Golden State Warriors' incredible run to the championship. Episode one is available on the app right now. Pass The Rock, set to premiere in late November, will give you an inside look at the lives of some of the NBA's newest and brightest stars. Documentaries, 500 classic games, and all Finals games since 2000 will also be available.

Also, the NBA is launching a free membership program called NBA ID that will work in tandem with NBA League Pass. There will be perks and rewards for using NBA ID, such as access to exclusive content and historic NBA materials. Members will be eligible for special offers from NBA partners, discounts on NBA tickets, and more through the NBA Pick'Em fantasy game.