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The new version of Windows 11 includes support for Auto HDR and VRR in windowed games

While most users won't notice any changes after installing the new Windows 11 2022 update, gamers will benefit from a few enhancements. For starters, Microsoft is improving latency for windowed games and adding support for Auto HDR and VRR (variable refresh rates). Those options were previously restricted to full-screen mode. The update will be helpful for streamers and multitaskers who are trying to complete their Halo Infinite daily objectives.

And since we're on the topic of HDR, there's also a better HDR calibration tool available to help you fine-tune your display's settings. It's good news for those who want to "see" older games in a new light because auto HDR is coming to more games. The Xbox Game Bar is being revamped into the Windows Controller Bar, which will display your most recently used game launchers and other information. For access, press the Xbox button on your controller (or a third-party equivalent).

Nothing here is particularly revolutionary, but taken together they help make Windows 11 a more pleasant place for PC gamers. (Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the Microsoft Store's game installation options improve in the future.)