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The Web version of Snapchat is now available to all users

Back in July, Snapchat's messaging and video chat features made their way to browsers, but only in a limited number of markets and for Snapchat+ subscribers. All users of the messaging app can now access Snapchat on the web. For users with lots of messages to compose and send, this option may be preferable due to the larger display and physical keyboard.

While the web interface isn't particularly fancy, it can be used to make voice and video calls as well as share photos. A representative of the company previously told us that video calls are increasingly popular with their customers. Having this option available online may encourage users to engage in longer video chats. According to the spokesperson, if there is enough interest, Snap will add even more of its core features to the web interface.

Plus, with the release of iOS 16, Snap has introduced widgets for the iPhone's lock screen. With the widgets, users can set up quick links to their most frequently used conversations, such as those with close friends or family.

When it comes to time-saving features, the Snapchat app is adding new shortcuts to the top of the chat page. Users will have quick access to their unread Snaps, friend chats, and story replies. They will also display birthday reminders and notifications about conversations that have gone unanswered. Last but not least, Snap has added Question Stickers to its repertoire of ephemera. If users haven't seen these enhancements yet, the company promises they will soon.