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Twitter is now allowing users to edit their tweets

Users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with a Twitter Blue account will soon be able to edit their tweets. A tweet from the company promises that it will "soon" be available to US subscribers.

We got a preview of what an edited tweet from the company would look like last week. Normal formatting for the tweet will be maintained, but a pencil icon and some explanatory text will be added to the timeline to indicate when it was last revised. When you click the icon, a page will load displaying the revised tweet alongside its revision history. According to a Twitter help document, the tweeter has 30 minutes to make edits and can do so up to five times.

The company has said for a long time that they would implement this feature; in April, they said they were working on a way to edit tweets, and by September, they said it would be available to everyone. It missed that deadline by a hair, but considering how revolutionary editable tweets will be for the platform, it's probably for the best that the company is taking its sweet time.

At the moment, the feature is still in beta testing and can be found in the Labs section of Twitter Blue, Twitter's monthly subscription service that costs $4.99. Tweets that have been replied to, threaded, retweeted, and pinned, among others, are not editable, as stated in the help documentation.