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It appears that every day a new company is encouraging its customers to enroll in a loyalty program or points system. It can be difficult to keep up with what each brand offers, despite the fact that loyalty programs can lead to free gear and services. Since its launch in 2016, Microsoft Rewards has been one of those loyalty programs that has flown under the radar. The points system makes it incredibly simple to earn freebies by doing online activities you're already performing. Signing up is the only requirement, after which the benefits will automatically be delivered.

Looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Microsoft Rewards program and how to earn and redeem points as efficiently as possible? We outline everything you need to know about Microsoft Rewards and how to maximize the loyalty program:

Microsoft Rewards: Is it legit?

It may seem counterintuitive or even a bit dubious to receive points for online activities you're already performing, but Microsoft Rewards is a legitimate loyalty program created by Microsoft for Microsoft users. The program is intended to keep you using Microsoft-specific hardware and software, from purchasing Microsoft products to using Microsoft-branded applications.

Microsoft Rewards was established in November 2005, but the program's name at the time was Xbox Live Points. The system began as a form of digital currency that could be used on Microsoft's Xbox and Zune products but evolved into something that any Microsoft user could utilize. Microsoft Rewards are available to anyone with Microsoft products as of September 2013.

How to quickly acquire Microsoft Rewards points

There are numerous ways to earn Microsoft Rewards points, including shopping at the Microsoft Store and using Microsoft-branded products, but the quickest and cheapest way is to make Microsoft Bing your default homepage. Microsoft's Bing search engine is the third most popular search engine worldwide and functions identically to Google and Yahoo Search; however, unlike Google and Yahoo, Microsoft will pay you in points for using Bing.

As long as you use Microsoft Edge or Cortana, you will receive five points for every search you conduct on the Microsoft Bing search engine. Simply switching from Google or Yahoo Search to Bing will result in a rapid accumulation of points.

Logging into your Xbox is another quick and simple method for earning points. In fact, you will earn points simply by playing select games on your Xbox One, Series S, or Series X. Before beginning, be sure to download the rewards app to your device so you can determine which games will earn you the most points.

Redeeming Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards points are easier to redeem than they are to earn. Once you've accrued enough points to earn the desired rewards, the products or services will illuminate on the Redeem page to indicate that you can now claim them. If the item you desire is illuminated, simply click the Redeem button and you will be prompted to exchange your points for the product or service you desire.

You won't have to worry about keeping track of every point collected or searching for missing points because the entire procedure is incredibly straightforward and foolproof. Microsoft Rewards stores all of your information on the page dedicated to Rewards. Simply visit the Redeem page whenever you want to see how many points you have accumulated and what you can redeem them for.